Ace, the authentic Japanese cafe

I found the unique coffee house near Kanda station. It provides various foods and beverages as well as various coffee beans from Africa to South America.

I ordered sandwiches of roasted beef and royal milk tea from Ceylon, the old name of Sri Lanka. It may sound strange to you, but Ceylon is still used in Japan as the word that stands for quality black tea.

I wanted to try today’s special coffee, but I gave it up because I took too much coffee until then.

The royal milk tea was very traditional, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon powder like Wiener coffee. Aroma of tea leaves was outstanding from milk.

The sandwich was also tasty and I was satisfied in terms of quality and quantity, but I couldn’t help but order another food. It was signature of the coffee house. I had never tried and heard of it. It is unique toast with seaweed that usually eaten with steamed rice. Seaweed matched with butter toast beyond my expectation.

I must try other foods and beverages there from now on.